A Early 2009 UMD Football Preview

Are we supposed to expect great things from Chris Turner this year? Or are we going to see an erratic offense who can not find their play makers unless they hand the ball off to them.

 As Terrapin fans I believe it is about time to see a quarterback that is steady and calm, not one who makes innacurrate throws and steps up when his team needs him most. This is what I really want to see from Napolean Dynamite aka Chris Turner in the coming season. He has had about two full years to blossom underneath "The Fridge's" system, which is plenty of time to learn the college game.

As a whole, the Maryland football team seems to be shaping up to be better than last years. The have a very talented backfield with Scott, Grenn, and Megget and as always we have big burley linemen for the RB's to run behind. The wideouts are a very intresting group that is filled with size, speed, and tallent. When I say this, Ronnie Tyler comes to mind. He showed a lot of promise last year, making plays, always around the ball, and happens to consistently find the open spot on the field.

On the defensive side of things, the Terp's secondary is my main conscern. If we can go back to last season and remember when Kevin Barnes got hurt, our secondary got shreaded by the pass and could not help out on the run. I would say to look at Anthony Wiseman to lead our secondary, a hopefully improved secondary.

Our linebacking corps will be strong again with "The Jackhammer" aka Alex Wujciak wh olast season compiled a team-high 133 tackles and was a second team All-ACC selection by AP/ACSMA. Look for Adrian Moten to burst on the scene with a healthy season as well as a very productive one. He will be a nice complement to Wujciak, which will be a dangerous linebacker duo in the ACC. As for the defensive line I really like the redshirt freshman, Masengo Kabongo, he is relatively fast but he is more quick than he is fast. Standing at 6'1, 275, that is a great size for a defensive end and he should make it hard for bigger offensive tackles to handle him.

Overall I am pumped and expecting great things for the 2009 Maryland Terrapins football season.

Maybe The Gary Criticism Was Not A Bad Thing

I am sure all of you Maryland fans remember during this past season the Washington Post came out with a 3-part series, that bashed Gary's program up one side and down another. But this actually might have been the best thing to happen to Gary. The naysayers really put a fire underneath Gary's belly to prove them wrong.

After all that happened Maryland went to the tourney and they are now picking up great recruits such as Terrell Stolgin and Terrence Ross. Both of these players can really light it up from beyond the arc. Lets be honest here, beside Mike Jones who else has been a consistentthreat from the land of 3's since Juan Dixon.

Now I know everyone is sick of "Born Ready" but Gray Williams would not keep pushing for him if he did not think the Terps had a chance. I know has been reporting the Lance said Maryland's offense is too restrictive but until I  hear that come from Lance's mouth I will not buy into that.

Also for everyone that says Gary needs to get the instate recruits but most of the time those recruits are the hardest to get. Don't you guys ever remember saying in High School "I just want to get out of this place!", well thatswhy the appeal of a UNC or Florida seems so great. Don't get me wrong I do believe we can and need to do better in the D.C. and Baltimore area but that fact remains that most kids in HS want to get away from their home town.



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