InsideMDSports just caught up with Jones, the 6-9, 225-pound do-it-all junior who we profiled earlier today, and he filled us in on his recruitment, his relationship with Ross and his thoughts on Maryland.

Jones met Terps assistant Rob Ehsan 10 days ago at the King James Tournament in Ohio. Ehsan told him the staff had seen him previously but figured he wasn't leaving the west Coast, and thus didn't begin to recruit him. Now, with his friend Ross having verbally committed to Maryland, Ehsan and offered him a scholarship on the spot.

"He told me they were going to start [recruiting me]," Jones said. "My sister goes to Howard in D.C., so when I go there [this spring or summer] I'm going to stop through."

Jones currently lists offers from the following schools: Maryland, Marquette, Georgetown, Washington, Washington State, Oregon State, Cal, Indiana, Florida and Oklahoma. He said he has no favorites and no predisposition for staying on the West Coast or playing in the Pac-10.

Maryland "saw me play in the Peach Jam but they just thought I wasn't going to go to school that far away. Now that they know that distance isn't a factor, they're recruiting me. I know that they have a good program and that they're going to be gradiating most of their starters the year that we're freshmen," he said.

Ross and Jones have dreamed of playing college basketball together since their freshman year at Jefferson, Jones said. Ross called him from the Maryland-Duke game this year to tell him about the scene.

"He just told me how packed the arena was and what everyone was like, and that I should look into it," said Jones, adding that Ross has been calling him and talking more about Maryland since his commitment last week. "Just little stuff, like how they're graduating all of their starters and things like that."

Jones has visited Georgetown, Oregon State and Cal. He said he has no favorites whatsoever. Asked again about the location factor, he said, "Doesn't matter."

Ross and Jones meshed together extremely well while playing together in high school and AAU ball. They'll likely team up again in early June on the circuit.

"We just kind of see the same stuff. When I drive, he knows where to run to and look for the ball, and he knows how to get looks for me. It just kind of meshes together," he said.

A former football quarterback, Jones is unique in that he's a big man who's earned acclaim for his handling and passing skills.

"No position really, just one, two three and four, whatever the coach needs. [My strength is] my versatility. I'm able to post up smaller players and take them to the block, or use teh drive against bigger, slower players."

Asked if there's any current or former player he'd compare his style to, he said, "A little bit of Lamar Odom, Magic Johnson."

We also asked what he's looking for in a college program.

"Get guys better, get guys to the NBA, a good system."

He said he has no timetable for a decision.

"I don't have a set time, just whenever it feels like the right place for me."



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